Reservation Crashing?

I’ve tried to make reservations for dining the last few days at midnight… is the website crashing a common problem? I keep having it not load or not have the date available when it should be?

Reservations for dining open at 6:00am. Maybe you are trying too early?

What @PrincipalTinker said - the day “begins” at 6 (Eastern) for the online reservation system. Are you trying at your 180 day from each day/180+10?

Ah, I thought it opened at midnight! Did it use to open then or am I just confused?

What is the plus ten part?

If you have an onsite stay booked, you can start making ressies 180 days before your first day, but then you can make reservations for the later days in your reservation, up to the 10th day.

It used to open at midnight, but it changed about May 15.

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The + 10 is up to 10 days after your checkin date.

This is true for FPP, which until a few months back opened at midnight but dining has opened (online) at 6 am Eastern for the past several years at least.
I know, it’s hard to keep it all straight with all the frequent changes lol!