Reservation Change to add DDP

I have two people that are planning on staying with us for 3 out of 7 nights at AKL. Therefore, I put them on my reservation. We have decided that the dining plan would benefit us, but not the two people that are only staying for three nights. I know I can remove them from my reservation so that they would not have to get the dining plan, but all of our magic bands have shipped. How would removing them from the reservation effect them?

How did they get their tickets?

We bought all of our tickets through the official ticket center and booked our room by renting DVC points.

Can’t say for sure, but I would imagine that removing them from your reservation would mean, at a minimum, that they would be treated as off-site guests. So, first of all, they would not be able to open the hotel door with their MB. Furthermore, they would not be admitted for EMHs. Also, technically . . . they shouldn’t stay in your room as rooms are restricted to guests on the reservation. Not sure how closely disney monitors this or cares.

Oh crap! I forgot about EMH! That would mess us up since we wanted to take advantage of some evening EMH while they’re there. Dang, nevermind!

They will also not have access to DME and most likely will get a warning their FPs will be cancelled but most likely that will not happen.

Yeah I guess we’ll forget about the dining plan, because it’s really not worth it for them to have to pay for 7 nights on the DDP when they will only be there for 3 nights.

I think your forgetting something. You must buy the Dinning plan for ALL guests in your party but the meals have NO particular person in mind. In other words if they do not use part of their Dinning plan meals, they are not lost. You can use them. You could then use their table service meals on the days they are not going to use them. So you could have two table service meals or one Signiture meal using whatever meals they are not going to use. This would apply to their quick service meals and snacks as well. When purchasing a meal, you only have to be a member of the party as Disney doesn’t know or care who in your party is actually using the meals. My suggestion is to book a APR for a Signiture restaurant instead of a regular restaurant to use up the table service meals they are not going to use. Otherwise you and your party are going to have a awful lot of meals to eat. Snacks are easy. You will have a lot of them but you can get all types of things to take home with you or drinks during a hot day.

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