Research study seeks Disney grandparents!

Hi all! I’ve already had some really lovely people from this forum volunteer for this study, and I just wanted to give another shout out to any Disney fan grandparents who might be available to participate in the first wave of video interviews taking place this April - August 2024.

You would be required to do a 1-ish hour interview on Zoom/Teams talking about the role of Disney in your life and your family. We can work around your schedule and commitments no problem.

I am also travelling to Anaheim in August and hoping to catch a few of my participants in person if they happen to be local, but this is not essential. I am recruiting from all over the United States!

I will be recruiting for further rounds of interviews at a later date, including parents and kids, so don’t worry if you’re not available this time around. This is a multi-year study so there’s still plenty of time to participate!

Feel free to ask any questions here or email for more info.

Thanks again, looking forward to chatting to some of you soon!