Resale guru advice needed

Looking at the latest blog post on the DVC Fan website regarding the resale market…I’m so tempted to sell my BCV contract I bought with cash six years ago for $86 per point.

I could potentially make a few thousand dollars plus my last six years of vacations would be free. I started thinking about this when I received an email from Disney Vacation Club a couple of weeks ago saying they had BCV contracts for sale for $245 per point.

However we like to stay in two bedroom villas at deluxe resorts each year. Would it be worth it? Not sure I could go through with selling my beloved contract but geez- making money on a timeshare plus six years of free vacations? Hard to pass up. Thoughts from fans and financial gurus?

Here is the article.


Hi @MeetMeAtThePoly! Yes you could sell now and use that profit for a year or two, but how far would it go? You could even sell and purchase points at SSR or OKW to use, and have a year or two of trips with the extra cash BUT, how many stays at a EP area resort will you get? We both know those years of MVT $225 rooms are long gone- these days those “great deals” are over $400 a night. Did you see the post on chat the other day that the Disney rack rate (over 5k) for a BR 1 bedroom in August was lower than renting points? I expect a two bedroom may have the same issue at $20 a point some of the rental companies are charging.

I have been thinking a lot about this too. I actually asked a question about selling/buying on a podcast when the dvc resale crew was doing their monthly update. I have a couple of small contracts and I know I could sell and buy a larger resale contract at AKL or SSR but when I think of losing that 11 month booking at CC or BWV reality hits hard! How do you feel about struggling to get BC again or paying 1000 a night for two resort rooms?


But if you sell to consider doing cash rooms at a discount(and potentially bounceback rates) or even if you hold 1 contract to get a cash room from DVC, you have to take into account the annual savings of maintenance(heck even renting has a break even point with the maintenance). But you also potentially loose a tax deduction. I am considering selling my small contract at BWV and buying BLT but it is tough. I am right there with you!


Have you looked at the rack rate for a 2-bed at the Epcot resorts? Even OKW? I think you can get two regular rooms cheaper than a 2-bed.

When would you be travelling? How long for? Can you be flexible enough to be able to book when there are discounts on 2-beds, and what would your fall-back be? There are relatively few rooms at BCV and BWV, so do they ever actually discount those that DIsney do take, or do they just sell them for rack rate prices.

If you want to sell and have money in the bank, go ahead. But I wouldn’t make your primary aim to save money on your WDW vacations.


I’ve just had another thought which may impact your decision.

When Disney sell 2-bed villas for cash at the DVC resorts, they are always dedicated 2-bed villas.

Since all 2-bed villas at BWV are lock-offs, I don’t even know if they ever sell them for cash.


@MeetMeAtThePoly, I know you posted on chat but I don’t think you came back to your thread? I am hoping you still have email alerts and see your responses.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker! These are all great thoughts. Thank you @Nickysyme- you are right- I think I’m happy with my contract because I still travel to WDW, and plan to do so for as long as I possibly can.

I forgot about the tax decision-I need to remind my accountant I have the contract. Thank you!

You are right. I wouldn’t enjoy struggling to get a BC room or BCV room at all. That’s why I bought my contract there in the first place. I’m glad you asked the question as well. Thanks @PrincipalTinker!

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Question for the gurus:

What is the big draw of the CC cabins? They have the same capacity as a 2BR but cost almost as many points as a grand villa!

Related - what are the thoughts on Boulder Ridge? Are those units *all * in a different building from the main lodge or are there some that are in the lodge? Is it as hard to get BR as it is to get studios at CC?

BR is its own building. It is a small DVC resort but no where as hard to get as CC (less points out there). That lobby is amazing! The building also houses the WL fitness center. With the upcoming room refurbishment there MIGHT be an increase in dues.

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I can only speak for myself (of course) but the biggest draw for the cabins is the outdoor space. You have a covered patio right on the water, so you are protected from bugs. You have a hot tub and a picnic table and chairs at the indoor/outdoor fireplace.

Another big draw to me is the homey-ness to it, being a separate building. You have your own personal entrance and exit. I bet we’ve all (or most of us) have had one or two hotel rooms that are down a very long hallway. (I had a very very long walk down a hallway at Beach Club Villas!)

I know the Grand Villas also have space, they also feel luxurious, they also have full kitchens and full dining room sets, etc. But the Cabins feel so nice and have all of those things! :joy::raised_hands:

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of pictures and videos of the cabins, but here’s one that I personally made:
I loved the cabin so so much.

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They do seem lovely! If money weren’t an object I would definitely stay there. Maybe someday.

I’m late to this question, but I LOVE Boulder Ridge! I came extremely close to buying a small contract here this year and probbbbably won’t got too many more years without adding on here. You’re questions have been answered but it’s a great spot. I don’t actually think it gets the love that it deserves versus CC. I suppose it is “second class” because it is in it’s own building, but it’s so quiet and serene and I love the separate lobby. I guess at Disney I’m used to a little bit of a hike to the main restaurant/shop anyway.

The pros in my mind are that they have the pull down twin in the studios and I prefer quiet rooms. The point values are very good. The big DVC “con” is its 2042 expiration and for some reason the majority of contracts I see are giant 200+ point ones. But the price point is actually really nice.


It could be that 200 points was the minimum buy-in when it came on the market.

When we bought at Bay Lake, the minimum was 160.


I definitely think that this is the case! And maybe because of Copper Creek, people never added on here as much? Because BWV and BCVs have a good amount of 25 or 50 point contracts floating around. I very rarely saw BRV ones below like 200 and there were SO many 500, 600, 750 ones. My what I would do with 750 DVC points!

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A bunch of us should just go in on this! I think this is Christmas week in a 2-bedroom!


Geez that’s steep!

Question: What about Aulani?

Pros: price point seems very good, especially since it has a longer contract end date. Dues are a little high, but in the same neighborhood as a few WDW resorts. I live in AZ and have direct flights to Honolulu at a reasonable price. I went to elementary school in Hawaii so we like to visit the islands from time to time.

Cons: The main one I can think of is that if I’m going to WDW, I can’t use my 11-month advantage to hold any on-site accommodations so will always be left to 7-month pickings. But since my family would likely use 2BR and that generally has 7-month availability at all the resorts I care about for the times I travel, I could probably get away with this.

Anything I am missing?!

With Aulani there are some contracts with subsidized dues. If you are looking resale, look for one of those (very rare).

The 7 month is the big thing, especially over the next few years where many owners might have extra points . They will either take more trips, book larger accommodations, or rent out those points.

I believe there is also an additional cost when you book Aulani too? Not a great amount, but a fee all resorts in Hawaii have?