Res Finder Tips

I recently learned about the reservation finder here on TP and am so excited to give it a try! I can book my ADRs in 3 days…any tips? Is it better to set up the search for your big ones ahead of time and it’ll start searching automatically on your 180 day? Or just do it for the ones you can’t get etc…I’ve seen so many people say it came through/that it never fails for them and was just wondering which way they use it.
We had bad weather last night so I was up in the middle of the night and then I checked (just for “fun”) 180 days from today for BOG breakfast (something we really want!) and there was NOTHING at 5am (CST) on the dot. Freaking me out a bit! But then my husband pointed out that this week’s 180 days are the week OF Thanksgiving/schools Thanksgiving break so that does make sense…we go the week after Thanksgiving when it has typically been really nice and slow/low CLs.

I would book what you want and then use the reservation finder for anything you cannot get or if you change your mind about something later. Some reservations it took me more than a dozen alerts until I booked (some ADRs a lot of people are trying for), one BOG I booked on my first alert. If you get an alert and you are unable to complete the booking, you must go in an deactivate the search. It stops once it alerts you.


OK good to know, thank you!

thanks for bringing this up…I have a few reservation finders set now. I have tried when I get the alerts but even in the 30 seconds it takes me to log into the disney website on my phone, I miss them. Glad to hear that it might take many alerts. I was starting to get frustrated.

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