Res Finder for the win!

So excited! I was on a phone call and got a text from res finder for a CP dinner res time I’d been hoping to snag (CP dinner is a first night tradition for us!)
I had a late one set but really wanted to be done before MSEP starts that night. Anyway, got the exact time I wanted, thanks so much TP! @len


I finally got my alert for BOG after 3 weeks of nail biting!! It came right while I was having my eyes dilated and the phone sitting in the car! One hour later…blinded by drops and blaring sun I barely made out the text! Oh well, at least someone else will have a great breakfast! But I haven’t given up hope!! :sunglasses:


OMG that’s awesome (and hilarious), lol! I could’ve kicked myself…woke up at 8-ish the other morning to see a BOG res finder text for the coveted pre-RD breakfast I want…from 3 hours prior, needless to say it was gone! My phone was on “do not disturb”. I have an early breakfast but it turned out to be a day that MK added morning EMH and opened at 8 anyway…womp wimp. So I’m still hoping to find an 8-something for a different day. Reset the res finder request, we’ll see what happens!


The nerve of Disney messing up your plans! Especially for a pre-RD BOG! :wink: But seriously…how frustrating! Thank goodness for the reservation finder…and the reset button! Good luck!

Haha right? I went from nail-biting nervous hoping I could snag one, to being elated to snag an 8:25, to OMG the park OPENS at 8 that day all in a matter of 30 seconds. Kept the res b/c the kids really want to do BOG breakfast and maaaaaybe if we get to the park at RD, since that’s a mere half hour before we have to be there anyway…we can squeeze in a 7DMT ride w/ a short SB line. Lol. We shall see! I was surprised they added EMH on a MVMCP day, that’s strange!

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Guessing it doesn’t matter if we click the link provided in the text message or simply open the app and book there??

You could definitely do either, but I prefer/have had good luck with just immediately clicking the link I get in the (text) alert and rather than going to the Disney dining page and entering your search criteria etc…, it takes you directly to the search result for that time slot and you can select it (provided no one has beat you to it, lol). That is how I snagged this one. If you get the “Sorry for the paws” page w/ Lady & the Tramp it means someone else got it. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

“Sorry for the paws” … Once when I got that from the text link, I went through the the website and got the res! Don’t know if a larger party than four cancelled and there were still 4 spots left, but try the Myexperience website if you get the sorry for the paws msg!