Requesting cribs

If you request a crib at a WDW resort, it says they cannot be guaranteed. Has anyone ever requested one and not gotten one?

My DS will be bringing their 1 year old for an 8 night trip, and either they bring the Pack and Play on the plane with them, or they don’t…all depending on if Disney actually provides a crib. Why can’t they say for sure ahead of time? What good is it to families if they CAN’T provide one, but flew halfway across the country without one?

I’ve only ever heard of it once and I think it was more an issue of miscommunication late at night than not having one

Disney doesn’t want babies to be in an unsafe sleep situation and will provide against that risk at all costs.

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Also you could rent one - I think some of the strolller companies have them available - if you wanted a no question guarantee.

I don’t think you need to worry about it though

Worst case you could Amazon prime one to yourself on arrival if they didn’t provide one


We requested a crib twice … both times WDW had a Pack and Play for us in the room. I don’t know why WDW doesn’t guaranty it (probably a CYA in case something happens like a broken crib and they are short a crib or two for a night).

If it is a big concern, you could look for third party services that rent Pack and Plays and have their numbers on hand in the event WDW doesn’t come through.



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That’s a good back up plan idea. Thanks.

Just an FYI - pack n plays usually count as a “bag” when you fly but strollers and car seats do not count toward baggage count

Thanks! Good to know.

I actually have a follow up question, I was just thinking about. Does Disney provide bedding/sheets for the crib? Probably easy enough for DS to pack something to be safe…but I suppose no need if it comes with sheets.

I don’t know the answer to this - but I’d have them bring their own sheets. Given how frequently babies spew bodily fluids, I think it’s handy to have an extra set (or two) on hand when I’ve traveled with my kids.

I’ve never had anyone share to the contrary so it’s probably safe to assume they do

I’ve never had a problem getting a pack n play and they provide a fitted sheet for it. What they sometimes have but don’t guarantee is a regular crib. As my kids got bigger they didn’t sleep well in pack in plays so I rented a regular (folding) crib. Worth it to me for a good night sleep. We used Baby’s Best Friend, they appear to have not survived the pandemic though.


We requested and received a pack n play on our trip in December and yes, sheets were included. Although we chose to bring our own (and then proceeded to leave it there when we checked out…. luckily mousekeeping found it and sent it back to us!).

I suspect the reason Disney won’t guarantee a pack n play is just a CYA thing.

If too many families need one on the same day they might not be able to fulfil a guarantee.

All DVC villas used to have one in a closet but now you might need to ask. I believe during Covid they were removed and were given out on request. Since then they probably leave them in rooms but don’t automatically place them in every room.

I say this for posterity because with a 1 year old it’s probably fine but we were given a standard bed sheet wrapped many times for our pack n plays when we used to use them. I had always brought my own (more for the smell) but it would have been technically an unsafe sleeping surface for an infant. Hopefully maybe they have switched to all fitted sheets but definitely bring one/many for the reasons all already stated.

Also, if for some reason one hotel claims to be “sold out” of cribs, I think you would be well within your rights to ask them to transfer some from another one. I cannot imagine them leaving you without.

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Good advice. Thanks!

And one might consider using the best buzz words when kindly making that request: without a crib or pack and play I will be forced to have my baby sleep in the bed with me, which is well documented as an unsafe sleeping situation. I would be worried that my baby would be injured or worse by that arrangement, and am really hopeful you’ll be able to locate one for us to avoid that risk.


Oh my, that’ll do it in this case. I’d be surprised if they didn’t get one within 30 minutes.


The times I went when we needed one, we always got one. We requested an actual crib and not a pack and play once and got it, and the other times requested just a crib and got a pack and play.

I think they just don’t guarantee it as a CYA, but I’ve been told they have a ton. In fact everything I’ve ever requested at the hotels (crib, bedrail, microwave) we’ve gotten.

Worth noting that each time the crib wasn’t in the room when we got there so we had to call the front desk. Most of the time it was there within 30 minutes. Once it took over an hour - I complained and got two free anytime FP+ passes…


If it were me, I would probably say, "Then please kindly check one of the neighboring resorts, because our one year old needs one. Thanks.”

Hopefully none of that would matter, and it won’t be an issue. It is reassuring to hear that it hasn’t been an issue for folks in the past.