Requesting Connecting Rooms

If my top priority is connecting rooms (which my travel agent put in a request for with the initial booking), and secondary importance is being in 60s building (this is for Pop), should I fax my own request or just put it in with on line check in and then confirm it right before? What would be the best/most effective route?

I have never seen connecting rooms as a choice during on line check in? I would add it to my TP request.

If your top priority is connecting, that’s the only request I would make and I would put it every possible place. Do children out number adults on the reservation?

No, grandparents are coming and this way it’s easier for them to watch grandkids. We did it at poly and it worked out great. Just trying to figure out how to reiterate what travel agent said to make it more likely to happen.

I thought on line check in was when I put it in again last time, but maybe I just called. Can’t remember

Here are your choices during on-line check in:

I agree with Elaine5715, if connecting rooms is your top priority, that is the only request that I would make. Like King beds at POP, connecting rooms are limited and if you add a section or a floor to the request, that limits the connecting rooms that the room assigner can assign to you.

You can always take a chance and choose 60’s at on line check in since you have connecting rooms on your reservation and if by some chance you don’t get connecting rooms when your rooms are assigned you could check with a CM at the front desk when you get there and see if they have any connecting rooms in another section that would work for yall. Pixie dust for the perfect rooms! :blush:

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Reservations where children outnumber adults receive the highest priority for connecting rooms so sending the fax request in either through TP, on your own or have your TA do it .

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Thanks for the advice!!!

when we just went in September we had 3 rooms so on the TP room request fax I put in the notes that we would like adjoining rooms with reservation #??? and did the same thing on the other 2 faxes. We ended up getting 3 rooms in a row and 2 of them connecting. I also requested the first floor which I also received.


Thanks so much for the info! We’re getting three rooms next June, and I would love to have them close. I’m glad to know that they did that for you.