Requesting a room


Am I doing something wrong? I never get to a page where I can actually make a request. Only got to select the actual room. Now I can't even find that room request anywhere on my dashboard to just delete it. I only wanted to do it so I could reiterate the fact that we are going from a pool view room to a value suite the next day. I asked my TA to be sure to tell them, but I am not sure she did. And we rented points, so I can't call to link them myself, being I went through an owner (for the 7 day) and a TA (for the 1 nt). Please let me know if I am missing something and if not how do I delete the original request?


From your dashboard, put in the date/ resort. Then go to room finder. When you find the room, on the top right corner there is a. Link ( request this room). Return to your dashboard and hit edit to edit the fax and include your info.


Thank you so much!!! Worked like a charm. smile Now to wait another 58 days. scream