Requesting a Room at Grand Floridian

We will be staying at GF Garden View Room 12.21-12.26. I have read every discussion and looked at TP views, suggestions etc… I have to say I am confused. I am not sure which room to request. I THINK we would prefer to be on the top floor. Conch Key is what I see requested the most. What would happen if I didn’t request a room?

If you don’t request a room, the room assigner would just assign you a room that is available for your stay length as they do for the vast majority of guests who don’t request.

Just as a note, even if you DO request a room, you may not get it. They are only requests.

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I would suggest figuring out if there’s either a location or view that’s really important to you and request accordingly. For example, being close to the boat? Monorail? Pool? Quick Service? Buses? Or perhaps a pool-view? Or something more secluded/quiet? Or maybe a partial bay view would be possible?

We stayed in Boca Chica and loved it, but if our preferences are the opposite of yours, that may be less than ideal. The good news is I’m not sure there are any bad rooms at the GF though so it is likely just different levels of goodness…

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