Request - Touring Plan App

Hello all,

As we get ready to leave for WDW (4 days to go - yikes!) it occurs to us that it would be so awesome to have our 7 days of personal touring plans handy on our iPhones instead of printed out sheets of paper…

You probably already have something in the works but thought I’d throw it out there!


If you get LINES app - they are on there.

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Have you downloaded the wdw lines app? You sign in and on the homepage is your dashboard with a link to your TPs. Also- try chat!

Yes, the Lines app will give you direct access to your plans… plus you will be able to re evaluate or re optimise once you are at the parks which will give you the most accurate and up to date wait times etc.

WOW! thanks so much - this is completely awesome…we can even alter the plans as we go and check things off as they are done :relaxed::heartpulse:



And per a new blog post from Len this morning, the app now notifies you when a ride closes during your time in the park, estimates when it will re-open, and adjusts your plan accordingly when you optimize:


So the other cool thing that you can do (to help out your fellow Disney GEEK) is update the posted wait times. So if you see that the posted is now different than what is in the app - you can update it. You can also note if a ride is closed so that others know.


Lines is a great app. However, accessing it naturally uses up some of your phone’s battery. So it has been suggested to take a screenshot of your TPs and save it as your phone’s wallpaper for quick reference. So in advance that’s what I did on our last trip in addition to occasionally using Lines. I got a little fancy with it since we have months to plan everything.


AMEN about it draining your battery. I did keep a USB charger in the backpack and would charge up the phone during breaks / meals - etc.

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I do have to say we pretty much abandoned our plans fairly early. We used them a bit - but then just would “wing it” (please don’t toss me off the board). But the LINES app was great in the fact that it gave us more reasonable wait times to go off of.

:open_mouth: You WING IT?!

Hand over your Liner Card, Sir :wink:

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I’m sorry - I knew when I was doing it - I was wrong. But it just came over me. I said “darn it to heck” I’m going to go on Space Mountain again and there isn’t anyone that can stop me. I don’t care if I’m 10 minutes late to my dining reservation - they will just have to wait for me. Next thing you know - we were “browsing” inside a store and trying on funny hats. I knew it was wrong - but we just had to try on Pirate gear that we knew we would never wear less the time we were in the Magic Kingdom.

I even one time though (it was just a thought - you can’t fault me for a thought) of walking up to a restaurant to “see if they may have a table”.

I have since “gotten it together” - but sometimes animal instincts just take over. This will be my last post - I promise. I’ll be turning myself in shortly.


LOL too funny

OMG @RobertSch6, how did you do that?!

we have months to plan everything.

oh yeah, I do too, but I want my touring plan to look like that pic above with the different pics and fonts, etc. How do you do that?

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Did you do that on your own or is their some crazy undercover touring plans thing I don’t know about??? This is incredible!

I found the various fonts and pictures online, and I just used Microsoft Excel to prepare and format the list.

Then I converted the Excel sheet to a PDF to get rid of that “Page 1” watermark. Then I took a snipping of the PDF and saved it as an image and then saved that image to my Google Drive so that I could access it from my phone.

There may be an easier way to do this, but it’s what I came up with.

Yes. There is a lot of time in between booking and and taking a WDW trip.:relaxed:


yeah, I could never figure all that out, but kudos, that is very cool :slight_smile: