Request for tips and tricks for dealing with EPCOT food overwhelm

I have one day and one morning at EPCOT during the holiday season and I hoped some folks might have advice for how to prioritize (or even cope!) with all the food options.

I have a reservation for breakfast I do not want at Akershus (sp?) so I can go to Candlelight Processional plus reservations for lunch and dinner. I just looked at the Touring Plans post about the holiday booth food items and … I totally forgot about those! Aaargh!!

I am considering cancelling the lunch and dinner at Le Cellier and Biergarten and just wandering around snacking and experiencing extinction-event-level FOMO.

Any recommendations on how to plan for the onslaught of deliciousness? I haven’t been to WDW in 7 years and only went once before that. I’m not sure when I’ll get back.


There is an app called WDW Food&Wine. Download it!

They haven’t updated it with the holiday offerings yet, but they will in the next couple of days. Then you can scroll through and flag all the items that sound interesting to you. It’ll tell you how much you’ll spend and gives you a better idea if it is worth canceling your reservations!
Three reservations at Epcot is A LOTTTTTT.

If your one day is on the weekend, those lines at the booths will be long…so just be prepared for that.


I would not do 3 table service meals in Epcot. Even without booths, there are plenty of good quick service options to graze on. Agree with the app to look at the booths, but there’s great regular QS options like Sunshine Seasons, Katsura Grill, and Les Halles Boulangerie, for example.


Way too much food, money, and time. Akershus and Biergarten are both buffets so there isn’t an option just to do a drink and an app if you’re not hungry. You would pay full price. Plus each meal takes at least an hour so you would be in a restaurant for at least 3 hours of your park day with only a few hour break in between big meals.

We skew towards sit down ADRs at WDW but wouldn’t do more that 2 per day. Usually late breakfast ADR, snacks instead of lunch, and early/normal dinner ADR. Or snack breakfast, lunch ADR, snacks, and later dinner ADR. We don’t eat at restaurants/ take out very much at home, and I’ve noticed on vacations like WDW when we do have to go out to eat, we really need like 6 hours between larger meals otherwise you just start to feel dread about having to look at a full plate of food again.

If you don’t want Akershus, could you switch the breakfast ADR to Garden Grill on the CP package? Epcot has so many fun snack and drink booths to tide you over for lunch. And then book a “just in case” ADR for dinner after CP at a place that has a la carte options (like Le Cellier, or either of the San Angels)? That way you will have a clear day before the CP showtime, but have a plan of where to head afterward.


Great insight - thank you! I will probably pick one ADR and try to transfer breakfast to Garden Grill. I didn’t know about the app!


This is what I would do unless someone in my group really wanted to do one of the TS.

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Honestly I think the location of Garden Grill for breakfast matches up better with most Epcot touring plans anyway, to do a few things in Future World (or whatever it’s called now) first, hit Soarin, have breakfast at GG next door, and then get pics by the big tree before heading into Word Showcase.

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We have been there for the FOTH twice in the past three years. We have gotten some food booth items…some of which were quite good. But nothing, to me, was amazing. I think there are better food options in Epcot. I think the food booths are fine if you have many days and want to just try things out…but I wouldn’t worry too much about missing out on anything. (I can’t speak to the food options during any of the other festivals.)


I cancelled all the ADRS and then was able to get a Candlelight Processional spot at Le Cellier for lunch! EPCOT overwhelm solved thanks to this forum!


Yay! Love that you were able to get one of the restaurants you picked in the first place but match it with CP package!