Request: Earlier Bad Date Detection

I tried to create a customized touring plan today. I got through the whole wizard, entered all my details…and then got:

Date must be within a year of today.

So I lost all the data I had entered. Annoying. I told you the date at the beginning, please check it earlier in the flow, so I don’t input a bunch of stuff that gets thrown away at the end.



Was the date more than year out? Prior to the update you could not select a date more than a year out.
Generally, if I’m tinkering with a plan THAT far out, I just select the same day within the year (day of the week mats-keep it the same and adjust calander date). But honestly, and plan that far in advance is most definitely going to need modifications and hours, shows, wait times, attractions will all vary. It’s still fun to play around with though.

Yup, it was more than a year out.

My complaint isn’t that this doesn’t work, that seems fine. My complaint is just that I wasn’t presented with an error immediately upon entering a date that wouldn’t work.

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This must be new with the most recent update. Previously you wouldn’t have been able to even enter that year+ date at all.

Maybe @len can get someone to look into this.

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