Reports of very low current attendance in WDW parks

Hi all,
I’ve been seeing news come out recently about WDW parks saying that the parks are very uncrowded at the moment despite it being the middle of summer. Is this true and if so is it reflected in the crowd calendar?
I’m hoping it’s true and that it will be even less busy in the second half of September when I go there :smile:


It’s definitely true. I think they recently ran a crowd calendar update about a month ago but not since July 4. They will adjust if they think necessary. September is already cross so it will be interesting if lower than usual even for Sept.


The crowd levels around July 4th were especially low, but since then, they’ve more or less gotten back to historical averages for July. Hard to say without more data, which I’m sure TP is working on. My theory is that 1) people are starting to get trained to avoid the parks on holidays, and 2) people don’t like to go to Florida in July. :grimacing: :rofl:


What year did TP update crowd levels to take into account more people coming? Do the old crowd levels indicate the new or old wait times?

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I don’t recall that specifically but I don’t think it was between 2019 and 2023.

I want to say it was before Covid, so I’d lean towards the 2019 end of your range. It was definitely after the trip we took in 2017.


See I was thinking it was less busy than usual for this time of year, but not not busy.

And from my own experience I’m expecting fall to be busier than usual. Where attendance tends to drop off I have a slew of guests going.


We are at Disney now. When we walked into HS this morning we said that it seemed like the usual July numbers. Meaning fairly crowded! Epcot was very light crowds for us yesterday, but we too dropped and left in the early afternoon.


Had a bus to ourselves on the way to AK!