Reporting in on what I got for 7/18-21... (at least so far)

ADR day was Saturday morning, and I was up at 5 since I was visiting my parents in Nashville (and seeing the On Your Feet! tour while I was there - sooooooo happy to Conga again!!!). I’m pretty happy with what I got!

2:25pm - Le Cellier

7:30am - 'Ohanna
6:30pm - Raglan Road

11am - Up Close With Rhinos!!!
8:00pm - ROL Dessert Party

7:30am - Boma

Now to wait for my FP+ day!! :slight_smile:

(And never fear - other than 7/20’s plans these are highly subject to change. Haha!)


Excellent choices!!!

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Excited to
Follow along. Up close with rhinos will be awesome!

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Made a couple of changes already…

7/18 - I still have the 2:25 Le Cellier, but I have a 6pm for Trattoria and I’ll decide which to keep later on. I know Trattoria is pretty standard Italian, BUT they have GF Chicken Parmesan which I understand is breaded with GF bread crumbs (as opposed to the grilled chicken with sauce and cheese on it at Palo Brunch on DCL) AND GF cheesecake…plus the ices coffee…

7/19 - Based on so many good reviews (including some good reports I’ve read about GF meals there), I’ve got Jiko at 6:45 meaning Raglan Road is out. This one was a tough decision as I’ve also heard amazing things about Raglan and GF…but there’s also a big draw to being right there at my resort after dinner to go to my room and chill after dinner rather than having to walk through DS and wait on a bus. Especially knowing that EMH is slated for AK on 7/20 - and it’s so fun to have a pretty much empty park while the masses run to Pandora it would be a shame to miss that (counting on getting FoP FP+ obviously).

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I just realized our trips overlap! We plan on EMH AK on 7/20. We did this last year. My kids and DH really enjoyed having EE X3.

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