Regarding COVID shut downs rather than refurbs -

Please can anyone advise as to where I could find a list of attractions/experiences/restaurants that have reopened at Walt Disney World and the dates they reopened, as well as ones that they have decided just not to reopen at all?

I know we can’t really predict what Disney will do but I’m trying to mentally ready myself for what July may be like.


I posted this link I found in my drive (I don’t know who originally shared it). There are pre Covid/post Covid tabs for each park


Although that above link seems to be missing the latest updates. I think @bebe80 shared this one?

I may have, but I think the Comeback Tracker tab needs to be unfiltered to see past openings and dates. All the lines above Typhoon Lagoon are hidden.

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Oh you superstars! Thank you.

Off the top of my head, there hasn’t been an official announcement yet for VotLM show, although there are some rumors. Everything else major has been announced/in the works. I’m sure I’m missing something though. Hmmmm.

Nothing for Hoop de Doo at all. No dates for Fantasmic, FoF or actual hugging meet & greets. No re-opening dates for V&A or for a return to full-experience character meals like the GF one (whose name escapes me).
Still a lot of experiences yet to return, things like bike and boat rentals, resort activities, CoH and so on. The international cultural programme still has no resume date, which is much needed.

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Are bike rentals open?

1900 Park Fare.

Does anyone think Garden Grill breakfast will come back? Ideally by July…


Also, the boat rentals are not showing as closed?(although if some are open I don’t think all of them are?)

Some resort activities have begun to return. I read that painting classes were being held at Riviera, and this was just posted in chat


Same chat post had the AKL activities

No where near what was pre-Covid but nothing was available when I stayed there in June.

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I saw this tweet today. Scott has been a reliable news source in the past for WDW news. Plus with the news of meet and greets returning to normal at DLP, I think this will be coming sooner than later.


I just want breakfast with my hundred acre woods pals. That would be amazing!


Is this referring to meet and greets how they looked pre-COVID?

My favorite! :purple_heart: Let me dig up some photos from several years ago. We had the BEST character interactions at Crystal Palace. Tigger did a jumping contest with then DD5. Pooh gave then DS9 the biggest Pooh bear hug, and piglet blew kisses to then DS1. We also can’t forget about Eeyore who had no problem with DS1 bopping him in the nose repeatedly. :joy:


So precious! I’ve always had the best character interactions there.


We love the 100 Acre woods characters! Here’s my daughter. She showed the first picture to the character handler and they arranged the second one.


:two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

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So bummed that Hoop Dee Doo still is closed. Fingers crossed it comes back for my summer trip to the fort… but It’s not looking good

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