Renting stroller for big kid on autism spectrum

Is the City Mini GT a good choice for my 70 pound 48 inch kid? I’m more worried about leg room than weight. He’s ASD and needs the escape of the stroller.

We are definitely renting if we can find one he won’t be cramped in. Kingdom and Orlandostroller both have the GT. Want to try to avoid the WDW strollers. They just don’t look comfy and he will be in in most of the day.

Open to other suggestions and thanks for the feedback.

If you have your own stroller you can gate-check it on your flight for free. That way you don’t have the hassle of renting and you will have a stroller that he is comfortable with.

Don’t have one as we don’t travel to places he needs one very often. Not looking to buy one either.

orlando stroller company rents a larger stroller (liberty push chair) as well-maybe that would work for your family:

This is something that you might want to consider. Several Liners have reported that they found it cheaper to buy a stroller and then just “donate” it to another family once they were done than it was to rent one. You can even have it shipped directly to your resort rather than deal with getting it down there yourself.

I have used a Liberty push chair. They are like a chariot. Easy to push and control but REALLY big for folder on buses and boats. Also takes up space in the room. I found they work great if you are at a monorail resort or Epcot resort where you can avoid the buses.

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Hello there!

We are not long back from Orlando and we rented the Mini GT for our DS6 who has autism. It was plenty big enough for him, folded down easily, was easy to steer etc. He really liked the large hood and would pull it right down when he wanted to get away from everything. I just measured him and he is about 48 inches tall - don’t know how heavy he is though. Hope this helps.

I’ve searched box stores and ebay and comparable strollers run $300+. I’m sure you can understand that we don’t want to spend that much for a one time trip, or donate it afterwards. The $90 it will cost us to rent for this trip is of much better value.

We have a large consignment sale coming up just before the trip, so if I can find one there that he can sit in and its cheaper than renting, then by all means, I’d be willing to help another liner out.

We looked at this and may have to consider it for future trips. We are staying at FW in a 5th wheel, so we’d have room to store it, but we are relying on boats and buses for transpo which was the hang up. Haven’t counted it out yet, but hoping to go smaller for this trip.

Good info for future travel inquiries:

I ended up calling Kingdom yesterday evening and the man I spoke with talked me out of the GT and into the City Elite which has higher height/weight limits. He told me to measure DS from butt to head while sitting. If he was under 26’ we would be good to go. He’s 25’ so he’ll have an inch before topping out if we pull the sun visor over his head. When I asked about him maxing out the weight, he said there is always wiggle room in the manufacture’s labeling and since he most likely won’t gain 10 pounds in the next 60 days, we’d be ok.

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We rented from Orlando Medical Rentals. I HIGHLY recommend them. We’ve used them twice. On our most recent visit, we rented a Mighty Light Push Stroller for our 12-year old daughter with Down syndrome. She weighs about 100 lbs. They deliver to resort and pickup when you are done. It was just under $100 for a week.

Wow - Orlando Medical Rentals has the big Special Tomato jogging stroller I’ve been eyeing - I think we will rent from them for our October trip! Thank you for sharing your experience!

@LittleBird2002, did you use Disney transportation? Wondering about the size for when we use the bus and boats. We used an umbrella stroller last year during 9/10 crowd days and could stick in under the bus seats or one of us would “hug” it if we were standing. We are going during 5 crowd this year, but I don’t think “hugging” something that big will be easy. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions, I’m all “ears”.

We took it on the boat from YC to HS. We also took it on the monorail. It was no problem at all. It’s kind of like a mini wheelchair, so our daughter stayed in it on the boat and monorail…no need to fold. We did not use the buses, but I imagine it would be the same situation. They treated it like a wheelchair. We were there during 5/6/7 crowd days and, although it does take up more space than a foldable stroller, it was a lot easier for us to use because she didn’t need to keep getting in and out of it. If a ride or show accommodated a wheelchair, she was able to stay in it, if not, we just parked it with wheelchairs or strollers. Our daughter is mobile–her issue is low muscle tone and endurance. Couldn’t do Disney without it!

I see they have a 100lb limit jogger too. That might be more up our alley. I don’t want to use it as a wheelchair if we can avoid it. DS is high functioning, so standing in line for less than 20 minutes is good practice for his social skills. He did well with the 20 minute limit last year. However meltdowns can come at any point for any number of reasons, so the added comfort of knowing we can use the wheelchair option is great.

I showed my DH videos of the City Elite and the Special Tomato Pushchair. He agreed with me that the Pushchair looks like a better option for DS’s size and leg room. It’s about $30 more, but I think that is what we are going to get. I’m still going to check out our consignment sale next month, but I’m not counting on it.
Thank for all the tips and I’ll update this thread when we get back (middle of May) for those seeking help and suggestions.