Renting points - Hilton Head - Crazy price?

I’m sorry to post this under WDW but there didn’t seem to be a better location. I’ve been trying to do a last minute couples only fall trip to WDW but I cannot seem to make the hotel price work. I have literally 2 PIN codes in my possession plus have been stalking Priceline and HotWire but the hotels must already be jam packed so I can’t find anything less than $235 for CSR or the bargain price of $1,500 for AKL. So I refocused my efforts on a non-WDW trip. ::sniff:: :’(

I was looking at Hilton Head as that seemed like a nice way to get SOME Disney involved. The rack rate there for a 2 bedroom villa was $348 per night which I didn’t think was too bad. So then I thought I might try renting points, but I’m looking at both David’s and DVC Rental Store and the rental price is in the $700-800 range PER NIGHT. I literally don’t understand. Is it because they charge the same point value as WDW rentals? But the amount of points needed is actually MORE than a 2 bedroom at BLT, Wilderness Lodge or BW/BC. I just really, really don’t understand. Has anyone rented DVC points at Hilton Head before?

Wow that sounds wacky.

I can’t really comment on the renting of DVC points for HHI, but we have a beach vacation there every year. You might try renting a condo for HHI at one of the many condo/home rental agencies. We have always had good luck with Hilton Head Vacation rentals. You can rent for a whole week, in a 2 bedroom condo for under or right at $1000 for a week (7 days). If you rent at the Palmetto Dunes plantation you can always stop by the Disney Beach Club and get some great Disney treats or a lunch to get your Disney fix. You just won’t be able to use the pool at the Beach Club if you aren’t a Disney guest.

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I’m not sure when you are trying to rent points at Hilton Head (peak season will make a difference) but I just did a random week In March 2018 on DVC rental store and Hilton Head was actually the least expensive point wise out of all of them.

A studio at Hilton Head from March 4-10 = $952 total (or 56 points at $17. per point)

A standard studio at SSR for same dates = $1,496. total (or 88 points at $17 per point)

Even at Hilton Head’s peak season, a studio for a week is only 129 points according to the Disney point chart.

Could you possibly be miscalculating something or misreading points for your entire stay as per night?

Have you vacationed at HHI? If not, be advised that the Disney accommodations are no where near the beach! Guests are actually shuttled to the beach area! If you just want a Disney feel without regard to the beach, you may be okay with that. Otherwise, there are many excellent condos/beach homes on the ocean front!

We’re going to HHI next summer. I wasn’t impresssed with the Disney accommodations so we rented a house. Amazingly a 4br house with pool and spa comes in at half the price of our Disney trip. Good to know we can visit the beach club and check it out, I didn’t know that. Thanks!


So I’m looking at Columbus Day weekend, so it’s definitely very possible that this is peak season there and value season elsewhere, but I still would think that the Hilton Head rack rate would be equivalent at least. I’m also looking at a 2-bedroom so I can see how the HHI vs. WDW might be distorted with the different room type makeup of the hotels.

Also I really appreciate the input on staying at Hilton Head as well. I had been there once as a very young child. I was primarily interested in pool, not necessarily beach and hadn’t really looked into other hotels, etc, since I was just so stumped trying to figure out this cost. I have done some more research and actually am thinking I might need to go further south to get the weather that I want for Columbus Day. (Looking at Jekyll Island or other FL locations.)

Now I’m just downright curious!

So for 3 nights, Oct 13-16 booking rack rate I can see a nightly rate of $348 but then when I try to rent points, it is showing a total cost of $2320 which is $773 per night (more than double). So odd! I feel like I have heard of people renting HH points before, so maybe it’s just a weird time of year?