Renting points for Aulani. Pros/cons/help!

I currently have a poolside hotel style room booked for next May directly from Disney. They had a 2024 spring offer for 30 percent off so I did some research and contacted our leader Len about discounts. He gave me 7 years of spring discounts and every year (sans covid) , Disney did 25-30 percent off during the time I’ll be there. So my plan was to book full price, slowly make payments and then when an offer comes out to apply it and save around 1200-1500.

Of course there is no guarantee there will be

  • a discount
  • my room type avail
  • any discount availability over my dates.

I’ve been looking into renting dvc points. I’ve never done it. And a rough check for what my room type is should be about $4400 renting points. I’m currently booked at 5700 with hopes of a discount to bring me 4200ish.
So they end up being pretty close (and dvc has free parking).

I’m stressing out though because I’ve never rented dvc points before and it scares me for my one and only trip to Hawaii. We are locked into those dates 11 months out. So when it’s time for airfare, we are locked into those dates. If the week before or after is cheaper flights too bad so sad.
I’m also scared it’s in someone else’s hands. I know we have a contract but it still worries me that the day before we arrive the owner could cancel it.

Am I over reacting? Is it worth going for dvc to guarantee a lower price?

Hotel pros:
It’s all me, my control.
Flexible on dates. I can swap and move them around no issues
Hopefully a discount

No guarantee it’ll be cheaper or I can lock in the discount
$40 a day for parking

Dvc pros:
Guarantee cheaper rate
Can use dvc rental store and if any issues I can get store credit
Free parking

Locked in 11 months out
Not fully under my control. Owner goes bankrupt and cancels the trip on me


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Others may have different opinions but I don’t rent points often- and exactly for all the reasons you just gave. The few times I have done it was 2 nights max at WDW because if it went bad I knew I could find a room elsewhere. To me being unable to control a reservation is a no-no, but I don’t think Aulani it would matter as much for non-room reservations.

There are a lot of good owners with great rental reputations and a lot of scammers-

With what you’re looking to do I definitely suggest using one of the more popular rental companies.

This is something I also thought. Wdw I can find a place at pop or all stars if it messes up but a week before in Hawaii I’d be scared to death to find a spot.

Lack of flexibility for rentals is a real challenge. However, if you use one of the main rental companies, I think they would definately try to help get you an alternative person to rent from.

If you rent after 7 months, it would be even cheaper becuase cost per point goes down after 7 months. You can keep your hotel reservation until you fnd out that the rental has come through. Here are the availability charts:

One pro to DVC is that you get a nice sized fridge, microwave and toaster. One con is that you get the queen size bed and the pull out couch. I will say though, Aulani has the most comfortable pull out couches I have ever slept on.

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I was thinking of this also. Just plan on keeping my hotel but check at 7 months because then it’s a steal and I’d probably have flights or be close to flights by then

According to that chart 7 months for a pool garden room on may isn’t super tough to get hmmm

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I rented for Aulani and saved a ton! I’ll have to go back and look at how much but was probably a couple thousand. Then the airline moved my flight a day out and I needed an extra night but I was able to rent points for that night too in the same room category and they don’t make you change rooms even though you have two bookings. Yes, if you cancel far enough out the major companies might be able to find another renter and one of them gives you a partial discount up to a certain point in time. Trip insurance is another way to alleviate some of that risk but will cut into your savings. We also had a rental car so the parking free is a nice benefit.

For me the savings outweigh the risk generally. And if I’m stuck to dates I’m stuck to them so honestly sometimes that alleviates all the dumb stress I cause for myself making 50 changes. It’s locked in so I can just let it go.


Wow Ive had my flights changed a few hours but an entire day? How far in advance did you book your flight?

I’m leaning toward keeping my hotel res but attempting at 7 months since the savings will be pretty big at that point but not huge at 11 months

Trip insurance is difficult with timeshares- I know we don’t like to admit it but DVC rental or not is still a timeshare -be mindful with the fine print. Mostwill cover the maintenance feesonly. That can make a pretty big difference.

I booked them as soon as they became available so 11 months out and it was Hawaiian airlines which only had flights to Austin three or four times a week so that’s why.

Yeah the only way I do trip insurance is thru credit cards that automatic provide it if you use that card but we have used it when hubby broke his foot on one multi day hike and couldn’t participate in the next. They were prepaid guided backpacking trips in NZ so expensive.

I live by the notion of don’t spend money on a trip you can’t afford to lose (same advice I’d give with loaning money to friends and family). And while that would suck life would go on if I lost it.

I think what most people do not realize is that often timeshare rental contracts are considered *real estate * transactions.

Your specific card may not, but that’s why many find it difficult to get travel insurance on non-traditional rooms.

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I rented points a few times before I bought DVC and it is a huge cost saver! However, for this small of a difference, I would stick with the cash room. Even if the discount never comes out, that $1200-1500 could be worth the piece of mind and flexibility of being able to cancel or change dates.

You could also wait till 7 months and rent at the cheaper price, as @heathernoel suggested.

Here’s an outside-the-box option for you to consider:

  1. Buy resale DVC points for the cheapest all-in cost per point on the market
  2. At 7 months, reserve the room you want
  3. After your trip, sell your DVC contract (or keep it if you are frequent WDW travelers)

If you price this out – including an accounting for transaction costs – you may find that you will come out ahead of either renting or booking cash, even assuming contracts remain stagnant over the next 12 months. You might even make money if point prices rise. But beware that point values sometimes decrease.

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I deleted my double post but the other post got deleted too……

So my reply was I think I’m sticking with hotel for now. The 1200ish is a great deal off and could pay for a plane ticket but right now it not enough I help me unstressed out haha.
In 7 months out I’ll check again and if I can snag one it might sway me with such a larger discount.

Buying and selling points is too beyond me right now ha

On a side note why the heck do you gotta call to make aulani payments? One of my fav things for wdw and DL is paying $20 here $50 there in the app

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Fair enough. :sweat_smile: It’s a risky (and complex) strategy but if it’s gonna work for someone, it would be at Aulani.

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Yeah that’s a super double hack, not for the faint of heart.

I’m one who has seen my AKL points devalue every year, so I would be super skittish to tell anyone to buy to sell! Especially because of closing costs and seller’s fees. I’ve gotten a ton of value out of those points, but not selling them at a profit like some people talk about.


I’m all about deals tricks hacks etc but this will be too every for me haha esp since I never rented before

I do think I’m going to take your advice and check at 7 months though. That deal might be too good to pass up. I may even chalk up and not “save” anything but go for a 1 bedroom or something.

I plan to use dvc rental store. Any thoughts on them? I know a lot of people like David’s but dvc rental lets you do payments and has “store credit” if you cancel which helps ease my worries

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I have used both DVC Rental store and David’s and they were both great. Just compare the benefits and costs and choose the one that works best for your circumstances. David’s is usually cheaper but does not offer “trip insurance” (store credit for cancellations).


I have used DVC rental store, but it was pre-COVID. They were great with then and I know their business has only grown since then.


Well today is my 11 month day
I checked just to see, it was cheaper than I thought.

Dvc rental is $4,032. Poolside garden

I am currently poolside garden for $5,648. Banking on the 30 percent discount.
There is a 30 percent discount for Dec just to get a rough idea it brings the poolside garden to $3,974 direct from Disney.

Can’t decide again haha. Discount is roughly even (although free parking with dvc but I also gotta pay the dvc tax at checkin )but there is no guarantee the discount will be 30 percent or my room type available.I think odds are high but never know.

I checked 7 months out and there is no availability for an entire week at exactly 7 months so that gives me lower hope to get a 7 month steal.



Poolside garden has the worst “value” for point rentals. Are you staying in a 1BR? Poolside Garden 1BR is the worst DVC value in the entire building, it’s like 225% more points as a studio island view but only like 79% more dollars. If that’s your room type that’s probably why the savings are so low.

Regardless, I personally don’t think that’s a sufficient discount for the risk involved. As you noted you could be out at least that on flights. You have some time before the DVC rooms sell out to see how flights come in, although perhaps not enough time to see if discounts come in.

I personally just couldn’t lock myself into a nonrefundable point rental for that small a savings. The last time I rented points we were saving like 65% by doing it so it was worth the risk.

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