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Hi there! We are renting and I am trying to do a specific room request. The renting company told me they can’t do specific rooms because of safety. I am a DVC member so I tried doing the request on my end but I’m not the member on the reservation they can’t. Is there any loop holes here?

Thank you!


The best you can do is use the TP room request feature, and hope that Disney pays attention to it. It seems hit or miss.

But there is no way, when renting, to add a reservation request when you aren’t the member. If the member isn’t willing to do it for you (and I wouldn’t expect them to be willing to), then I think TP room request is the only hope.


I’m not sure what safety has to do with it. But I do my room requests through TP.
You can also try calling the resort the day or 2 before but there is less flexibility then because the room assignments have already been made. I don’t know of any additional way to get in touch with room assigners.

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In what way? This is curious to me.


Ok I will try that too. We aren’t going until September so we have plenty of time but I’m
Just hoping they’ll actually do it. I’ll try the touring plans way too! Thank you!

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I called and they said because they don’t want the renting member to know what room we are in and that after the Vegas shooting specific rooms are frowned upon. I’m not sure it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

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Oh wow. Jeez that’s going to extremes. I mean, the fact is you might request a unit and not get anything remotely close to it!


What? This is bizarre. Because you can get whatever room they are referring to without a request. Someone has to. Also, a room request isn’t a guarantee so the owner won’t know what room you are in. I don’t have stats but I have to believe people rarely get the exact room requested. It’s better to ask in general terms anyway.
I think they just don’t want to deal with the extra work.

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I’m gonna read everyone’s responses but that has not been my experience with either David’s or DVCRentalStore. In fact, they reached out at DVCRentalStore and asked if I had any requests they could put in for me. Who’d you rent thru?

Proof LOL:
Hi Genevieve,

We have that request noted on your reservation, but as a reminder it cannot be guaranteed. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Reservation Specialists Team

The DVC Rental Store

On Wed, Sep 20, 2023 at 11:55 AM Genevieve wrote:

Hi, Now you mention it I have a couple:

Room Location Requests: One of the four turret rooms and highest floor available like 9514 if possible

Celebration Requests: Oct 28 is my birthday



From: DVC Rental Store <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2023 10:32 AM
Subject: A Friendly Reminder for Your Upcoming Disney Vacation!

Hi Genevieve,

Your Disney vacation is just around the corner! As you begin to make your final preparations, we wanted to send a friendly reminder that we are not able to fulfill any service item requests once we are within 30-days of your date of check-in. This would include any Guest List modifications, room location requests, celebration requests, as well as adding a Disney Dining Plan to your reservation. Please let our Team know if there is anything we can do to help make your stay more magical!

Thanks so much!


RIGHT?!? I didn’t get my request. Also, can they see what room was given out if they aren’t in the actual room?

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I know. I didn’t want to be pushy because if it’s their rule oh well. I did the touring plans request and I will try and fax and I’ll call member services closer to the time and maybe get lucky! I told her I really just want to try and see fireworks from the room lol!

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Jealous! They are not giving me that answer!


So are they willing to put a request in but just not a specific room number?

I had a specific room number and they said nothing. Vegas was way before my trip too!

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Yes! They said I could do like north facing- generic rooms but no specific room numbers

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