Renting DVC--Request room?

Hi! I’m renting DVC for a Fall trip. Will the room request fax from TP be considered when renting points? Last time I rented (a few year ago) the owner said she needed to place any requests directly with Disney. Thanks!

If you have a reservation number - and I would imagine you do - you can put that number in the TP fax I think the hesitation in the part of the owner is that if you request a room that costs more points those points could be debited against the owner’s account. But overall you can make a room request just like any other reservation

I was told by DVC that I needed to call to put in room requests. I’ve had decent luck with calling (better than I have by using TP fax).

My understanding is that for DVC the best way to make a room request is via Member Services.

If you are renting from an agency (like David’s or DVC Rental Store), they will be happy to send your room request to the owner.

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You can do either. Or both.

DVC have said they prefer people to use Member Services. The TP room request will end up in the same space, you the latest to arrive (usually TP fax) will over-write the called in / emailed in request though, if it gets added, so make sure they both say the same.

Some DVC resort CMs say they bin faxes, but this will obviously depend on who is on duty when they arrive.

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The last 3 times I rented DVC points at BW thru David’s I used the TP room request. Had no problem and got close to my requested room each time. Like @OBNurseNH said, as long as you have a reservation number in MDE it should not be a problem.


How exactly does one contact member services? It is just the standard (800) 800-9800 number or something else? I remember seeing a portal for it on the DVC site before, but that was a while ago and it looks like it’s been redesigned a bit.

I have that number and 407-566-3800 option 1. I have also had great success with online chat when I had an issue with a reservation.

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Thanks for all the great replies! I’ve got two trips coming up using rented points and might make requests.