Renting DVC points

I just did an estimate of what it would cost me renting DVC points to stay at WL in Nov 2015 after reading that these accommodations can save a person a lot of money. The estimate used $14/point for cost calculation.

The comparison between DVC WL Studio and WL Courtyard View w/ Bunk Beds was within less than $200. Doesn't seem to be "a lot" to me. Is there something I am missing? What is the benefit of renting points vs staying traditional resort room? Are there better places to find point rentals at a discount?

$14 is standard from the brokers, except for last minute sales which can drop to $8. WL doesn't seem the best use vs room price. We are looking at a split DVC/Cash stay at WL and AKL and decided points at AKL was the way to go.


The time period you are looking at can also make a difference because the DVC and traditional room "seasons" are not in sync. There are some "sweet spots" where the traditional room rates are at a better season than DVC, which reduces the potential savings.

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For us, the cost savings comes when we compare what we would pay for the same room booking through Disney versus renting points from a DVC member. We have rented points for a 2-bd at BCV for the last three years and saved 40% off rack rate. It's possible that the cost savings isn't as considerable when looking at studios because they are comparable to regular rooms? Oh, and we always rent from a private owner on after doing our due diligence. Never paid $14/pt.


Some numbers for a 7 night stay at AKLV, Jambo House, Arusha view, 16-23 Nov):

Regular Room, rack rate - $3,561
Above, with 30% RO discount - $2,492
Deluxe DVC Studio through Disney - $3318
Deluxe DVC Studio renting from friend - $1100

I consider these savings to be "a lot" smile


Yes, your savings look significant indeed!

Someone above suggested that WL is not often a great bargain when renting DVC vs other resorts. Additionally, I'm looking at over a year out and wonder if that might affect what I'm seeing. Finally, I'm looking at a week prior, just before the Veterans Day holiday, which might spike prices too. Oh plus you are renting from a friend so probably getting a really sweet deal

Glad to have feedback!! I feel very much in the dark about DVC rental and it would be nice to have a primer on it

We've also rented a 2BR at various resorts (OKW, VWL, BCV) the last 4 or so years through private owners on Mouseowners. I've always paid $10 per point (I know, lucky) and wouldn't pay $14. We'll typically go in May when a 2BR costs ballpark 300 points = $3,000. Same 2BR going through Disney is somewhere b/t $5,000 and $6,000. We've always found it to be a very significant savings. I can't imagine doing it any other way at this point.

We stayed at WL in Feb for 5 nights (I think, maybe 4) anyway we paid $900 for deluxe studio.

Thanks for the tip on I think I knew about that, but had forgotten. I just dropped by there and picked up a 5 day stay in January at a BCV 2BR... $10pp!

Any owner willing to check on availability for a studio at BLT or GFV Oct 17 - 19? Not much available online.

Both show no availability for any view for a studio for those dates.

Thanks, I've been looking for something on the monorail line for that weekend and everything is sold out except a rooms for @2000 per night