Renting DVC at Bay Lake Tower

I’ve been looking at DVC rentals for next summer, and I’m finding some really great 6 day rates at BLT. Typically, we wouldn’t be able to afford to stay in a Deluxe, but these prices seem to be really good. $1,684.00 for the second week in June. Anyone have experience renting from Dave’s DVC, and can anyone tell me more about the studios at BLT?

We rented studio BLT last June dvcrentalstore. It was great!

Though I can’t tell you about renting, I can say we love BLT. Walking distance to MK, monorail to Epcot, and right in the middle of all the action. One thing to note about any studio is that the main living/sleeping area is pretty confined. Although the studio itself has a lot of space, the kitchenette takes up some of it, leaving the bed/pullout in close quarters. My family of four (all adults) wouldn’t be able to fit comfortably, but parents/small kids should be OK.

David’s is generally well regarded, but you may find that you will not be able to get a rental for BLT for this June, as BLT typically books up close to the 11-month mark.

I have rented DVC points at BLT but not thru David’s. We really liked BLT but I have to agree that the studios are small. The pool is great, we had a fabulous standard view and the CR is very easy to get too. We will definitely stay there again.