Renting DVC 11 Month vs 7 month windows?

Yesterday was the first time I've really looked at renting points. None of my 4 choices had available points. My inquiry didn't even get to the inventory check phase.We're about 8-9 months out. We stayed on the list for the 7 month check. Is it more normal that people haven't put points up for rental yet or it's just a limbo time right between the window dates?

Were you told there were no points available for rent or no dvc rooms available at your particular requested resorts? If it was just a lack of points I'd inquire elsewhere as they will have different members with with different points for various locations. At 7 months it's a free for all and anyone can use their points at any other location just depending on what's left for occupancy so if it's just a matter of them not having points from their renting members it's possible it could open up at the 7 month window.

Some of the room types, however, do go very quickly like AKL CL, and BWV. I know we had a liner @Married2Dopey4Life I think that was looking to rent their own personal points.

@TheGraceysButler The way it was explained to me by DVC Rental Store (Terra is my TA) is that at the 11 month mark she checks to see if they have anyone in their "inventory list" that meets my requests. (she couldn't find anything that fit my requests) The 11 month mark is when you can book if it's your "home" resort. But at the 7 month mark any DVC member that is renting will be able to book at any resort (if there is availability). By the way at the 7 month mark I got exactly what I requested - as well as the other three "runner ups". I hope I was clear in explaining this - I just did the rental process for the first time and it was smooth!!

Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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What resort and what dates where you looking for...being a DVC member, I can look up the availability.

Thank you! We were hoping for an AKL studio Apr 22-26.

Currently only the Club level studio is not available...everything else is open. From my experience, at the 7 month booking window, the value standard studios and savanna view studios will be available, but, the value studios most likely will not be.

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Thank you again!

No problem...GOOD LUCK!

Look into renting points directly from an owner at one of your desired resorts - try the Rent/Trade/Transfer board at Brokers are limited by both the points that they have on their books and the rooms that are actually available.