Renting a scooter off property and scooter tips

Will be renting a scooter for entire trip. Suggestion for place to rent from and any tips on using in the parks and trans to and from parks. Staying at Poly

I have used Buena Vista Scooter Rentals the last 3 times at Disney. Great price and excellent service. Staying at the Polynesian is a great choice. You will need to use buses for AK, HS, and Disney Springs. Get to the bus stop early and get on the scooter square. The bus will stop right where you are. Only 2 scooters on the bus at one time usually. The drivers will put the scooter on for you most of the time. It is tight parking on the bus, they are way better than me at it. If this is your first experience of driving one, take some time and learn the stopping and speed controls before you hit the parks. It takes some concentration driving because people will stop in their tracks right in front of you! Kids won’t notice you and run in front of you without a thought. Just be aware, have a great time!

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