Renting a Car on Property

I will staying at Royal Pacific in September. I need to rent a car for the day. It looked as though Hertz has a location at the hotel but when I went to make a reservation, I received an error message that the location is temporarily closed.

Does anyone know where you can rent a car on property?

Thank you.

When did you try to book it? Someone mentioned the other day that it is cheaper to rent at the airport}

I just tried about an hour ago. We don’t want a car for the whole trip so doesn’t make sense to rent at the airport for us. We just need a car for the day - pick up in the morning and return in the evening.

Yes, it is very weird. It says it is not available, but then shows it as a choice?

so FYI… I emailed the hotel to ask about this. I received a reply that after April 16, they are all changing from Hertz to Avis… I was looking for a September date so that is why it wasn’t coming up.

It isn’t showing on the Avis site yet.


Great info!

Thank you for posting about this. We plan to return a rental there in August and I’m glad I know the company changed!

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