Renting a car at WDW

Hi everyone,
Canceling my parents part of the trip (goodbye Tier 1 FOTLK so, so sad). Instead will go see them for the day. Can anyone tell me the best way to rent a car from the resorts? We are staying at CSR. They are 2 hours away but I’d rather they didn’t drive.

Rent from Alamo at the Dolphin. Take a bus to any park, then get on one to the Dolphin, or take a bus to HS then boat to the Dolphin (or Skyliner to Epcot and walk to the Dolphin) or even easier take a Lyft directly to the Dolphin.

Thank you so much!

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You are welcome. Sorry about your parents, but I know I would feel the same about my 77 year old Mom going to Disney or any other large congregation of people.

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