Rental car or Uber/taxi to get in early


Hi, we have a vacation to Disney World in a few days. We are starting at the Magic Kingdom, and trying to get in early to follow the touring plan. I’m trying to decide between transportation options to get in early. We are staying at an offsite non-Disney hotel. We have two kids, six and four. Have not yet rented a car.

Thoughts on whether it is better to drive in, or take an Uber or taxi to get to the park? If taking an Uber or a taxi, where should we take it. To the TTC or to the contemporary resort, or somewhere else? If taking an Uber or taxi, is there any way to get one with car seats? I’ve already ruled out the hotel shuttles as being pretty bad. Note it would be nice not to have to get the kids up amazingly early, so time is a factor. What time would we want to aim for to get there relative to park opening?


For MK if you want to assure early arrival and be dropped at the gates you’ll need to use Minnie Vans. Uber/Taxi and self park will be at TTC and then require monorail or ferry transfer. You could perhaps be ubered to Contemporary and walk over, or make a dining ressie over there and self park and walk over. MK is not the easiest for using alternate transportation.


I’m assuming we can’t use Minnie vans to go from the hotel to the parks because we are staying on non-Disney hotel property. (It would be good to be wrong about this!)

I’ve heard that you can Uber drop off at the contemporary resort and then walk to magic kingdom. I don’t know how much time this saves if any.


Oh right.

Yes, you can uber to contemporary and walk over. It’s about a 10 minute walk, but you could save a smidgy bit of time because the bag check there is very fast and you don’t have to repeat it at the gate


Thanks. Magic Kingdom opens at 9 this coming Saturday. What time is reasonable to get there to start “on time”
(not sprinting for the first ride, but not arriving late either?) if I were a) driving us in a rental, b) Ubering to Contemporary Resort?

I notice Uber has a car seat option from some places around, but not for some reason from our hotel.