Rental car locations

Planning on renting a car for our trip since it worked well for us last time. Our last visit we stayed at wilderness lodge and used Alamo at the car care center near there. This visit however we chose to stay at AKL. Does anyone know of any car rental locations closer to AKL than the car care center ?

Nope. I only know of the Car Car Center and (learned today) Dolphin. Both are probably equidistant

The car Center will pick you up from your resort, and take you wherever you wish to go when you drop it off.

We use the Dolphin and get the bus there usually.

During normal operating hours only. Could be caveat for some. 6a-8p m-f, and 6a-6p sat sun

There are some off-site hotels not too far away that have rental car counters, but you’d have to find some way to get there. The Car Care Center isn’t more than 10 minutes away, so unless there’s a dramatic difference in price, it’ll be much easier to rent a car there (I’m assuming you’ve already considered renting a car at the airport and don’t want to do that).

There are some hotels near Disney Springs that have rental cars, too, so if you were over that way already, then you could walk over the bridge to the Hotel Plaza area, but I don’t think that walk would be any shorter than your ride to the Car Care Center.

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Shades of Green, if you happen to be military.