Rental Car discount codes?

Does anyone have rental car discount code? The prices are insane!!

The best price I found recently was through Undercover Tourist

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Thanks. It’s still more than Costco for our dates. Prices are insane :frowning:

Try Lots of liners have used it to great success. I do think in general prices are just high now due to most agencies selling off a ton of their fleets last year.

I’ve been checking every week w/ I’ve dropped my rental price from 1400 to 860 over the past month just by checking when they send an email.

When the economy shut down, rental car companies sold off lots of their stock figuring they’d buy new cars when things improved. Things improved, but there’s a major computer chip shortage which means new cars aren’t available and used car prices have skyrocketed. All that makes rental cars scarce which makes them expensive. One of many issues we’ll be dealing with for a long while yet. Supply chains are seriously FUBARed.