Renewing DVC APs at the new Gold/Silver tiers?

I have DVC APs due to expire next month, and I went online to look at renewal options. We do not usually travel during the popular times, so the blackout dates are usually not a huge issue for us. As such, the Gold or SIlver APs looked attractive.

A Silver DVC renewal is only $330, which is pretty strong if you can live with the blackout dates. However, when I went online to look at renewal options, I was only allowed to select Platinum or Platinum Plus. Gold and SIlver were not options.

Does anyone know if this is a mistake, or are existing DVC AP holders prohibited from renewing at one of the lower tiers? If so, am I correct in saying that the only way to get Gold or Silver is to buy them “new” (i.e., without the renewal discount)?