Renewal of gold passes

I have a Gold Pass expiring in May and have BCV booked in October, so going to renew the pass to make park reservations. Do they send a new physical card also, so can show to merchants for the discounts?

We just renewed Gold passes- They gave us our cards at Guest Services when we had them activated which you’ll need to do before entering a park.

Yes you can show the card at restaurants/shops for merch/food discounts.

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Can you renew them on MDE or do you need to call? TIA

I called DVC MS and renewed over the phone which I think is only way to renew now. The renewal shows up in my MDE account and I was able to reserve park days in October . however I still have the old card with the old expiration date on it. They did not tell me that I have to go Guest Services to activate but told me that would be effective after my extended expiration date in May. After got off phone is when I wondered if would receive new card and did not want to get on over hour wait just to ask.


TY. I think I’ll try MDE first before the hour hold time.

You – or at least I! – cannot renew them online. MDE does not give the option of the Gold Pass. I wrote to customer service and they answered that you have to call. I’m just going to renew mine when I am there – this Saturday! – in person since it works.

Oh… I have a FL Gold AP. I don’t think I’m eligible to renew until 3/11. Expires 5/11. DH are going on Friday. How long are you there this time?

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I will be there March 6-12! Mine expires end of March, so I will be able to renew in person.

The renewed AP will be active online, but when you want to use it to enter the parks you have to go to the Guest Services booth outside the gate to activate it in person, at which point you will also get the new card. Make sure the first time you are at a park with the new renewed AP you go the Guest Services – don’t waste time in line at the tapstiles.

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Thank you for that reminder :two_hearts:. I’m trying to go a couple of days a week. Maybe our paths will cross. It was fun getting a chance to meet another liner this past week. I know it’s not worked out in the past.


Let’s try! I will be doing a live trip report so we will be able to coordinate!


Today was the day… was still up at midnight and I renewed my AP Gold


Yay, almost on the same schedule. Did mine on Wed. Feels good to have all the park reservations for all my upcoming trips.

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Nice! This was covid modified renew date. Originally exp. in dec moved to may. Now I need to get one for DH again. Last time I spoke with a CM they couldn’t even find record of it but could see a military salute ticket for him from three years ago :flushed:. I suggested I take his physical AP to guest services… they said it was a good idea… soooo I need to trek over; oh drat :joy:

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Pass holder treat coming soon. Check your MDE

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