Remys update. Cast seen taking in 3D GLASSES

Anyone in the park today or tomorrow. Confirm???


Well now I have a mission/reason :joy:


I was not in the area long enough to notice.

I was there a week ago, Tuesday and there was someone w/ a tape measure… measuring an entrance on the sidewalk going toward the bathrooms in the back (where I was headed)… he wasn’t happy. I asked him if everything was measuring up and he said “no” LOL

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Any chance it opens by April?

haha… you’re asking the wrong person :wink: There are ppl w/ much better skills at guessing since they have more intel. I know there is a lot going on in the area and they’ve been doing ride tests. A video blogger got a ride recently. But… sooner than later :wink: Is April when you are going to be there on a trip? If so I hope it’s open for you.


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People who usually know these things have been saying “any day now” for weeks! I think a lot thought it would have been open for last weekend (holiday crowds). So…no one really knows :joy:

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