Remove a plan from a date

Hey all,

I’m pretty good at this TP stuff. But I need some help.

Early in the planning stages for our upcoming trip (in 62 days!!!) I had created a few different plans for each day and tweaked them until I figured out what will work best for us. In doing so I added each plan to my dashboard. Now that I know which plans I will be using I want to remove the ones I won’t use from the dashboard, but I can’t figure out how.

Anyone know?? Will they go away if I change the date to optimize for?? I don’t necessarily want to delete them.

Not sure if changing the date will do what you want. If I have old or backup plans like that I re-name them “in case of” or even “don’t use” .

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Have you tried to edit them and change the dates- maybe six months out?

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Once you have any TP open, you will see in the top left “Home-Touring Plans-Personalized”. Click the “personalized” link and you can delete any TP you want. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I know how to delete a plan. I don’t want to delete them though - I just want them to become un-associated with the dates in my dashboard. I’d like to save them for future use.

Ok then, go to “Personalized” but just change the title. The plan will remain as is, but will have a different name so you can distinguish it from the others. You can change the date in it too, if you want to make it for the future. This would only be necessary however, if you didn’t want it to show up in your current trip TPs. In that case, you’d have to go to “Add a trip” before changing the date on the TP, otherwise you won’t have access to making the date changes beyond your current trip.

I don’t think you need to add another trip. The TPs show up in the trips, but they aren’t necessary to work with a TP. I’ve done TPs without adding trips before.

When I just went in a created a plan:

I could then edit the date by hitting the edit button. It opened this box:

I did not edit but the plan shows up in a box on my dashboard separate from my TP that show up on my trip dates