Remote check-in and resort parking

I searched for old threads about this topic but couldn’t find a precise COVID-era answer.

We’re going to be driving to WDW. We have already started the check-in process for the Pop Century (our first night in WDW) and the BoardWalk (the resort for most of our stay).

The remote check-in does not ask whether we’ll be parking, but I know both resorts will be charging us for it. (Trying not to be snarky about this, but one of the main perks of staying onsite used to be the free parking.)

How does one handle parking if the remote check-in app doesn’t inquire about it? Am I going to get to talk to a real, live Disney CM in the lobby after all? If so, of course, I’m delighted. I love checking in to a WDW resort. I’d just like to know what to expect when we arrive, and I can’t seem to find specifics.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Edited for verb tense and to not get anyone’s hopes up about an impending trip report which isn’t going to happen for another five weeks

When you arrive at the hotel, the security guard somehow makes note of your arrival by car. They will then charge accordingly.

I suggest you make sure you “scan into” the parking lot each time with the same person’s magic band, because they could think there are two different vehicles/drivers. Also, pay attention to charges.

For us, back in August, they did it all correctly…but I’ve heard others having them messing it up.


Thank you; very helpful! I’ll make a note about the MB scanning.

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So what happens if you have a car for only part of your stay? We arrive on Saturday and are picking up a car from the car care center on Monday, returning Tuesday so we can go to Kennedy space center. I don’t want to be charged to park a car all week for 1 night.

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In such a case, you will need to let them know at the front desk.

I just did this exact thing. Arrived to resort via uber on tuesday. Picked up rental car on wednesday morning and entered resort by scanning my magic band. I was never charged for parking… if I had been I would have just visited front desk to straighten out days I should have been charged for as I only had rental for one night.