Relief band / motion sickness

For any of you prone to motion sickness — I’m using the Reliefband for the first time (on a plane right now, and earlier in a car in traffic), and… I think it works! I got it because I get motion sick in a bunch of situations, but I figured it might also help on some of the motion simulator rides when I’m at WDW in September… I’ll report back after I’ve used it a bit more, but so far so good!


Where did you get it? I would love to have one for daily life/Disney Trips! I have not done Star Tours in forever because it almost made me throw up last time.

I actually ordered them a few weeks ago off of amazon for my trip. I’m wearing them right now because of a stomach virus going around and they have improved my nausea.

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I just ordered from the ReliefBand website itself — maybe I’m paranoid but I’m always nervous to order stuff like this from amazon for fear of getting a fake.

I got the cheaper kind because it felt like a big purchase and they didn’t seem terribly different, other than that the fancy one looks… fancier. There’s a bit of fiddling you have to do to get it to the right spot, but you can definitely tell when it’s working.

I did Star Tours last year and I might still not be able to do it without turning a bit green, but here’s hoping this helps a bit!


Thanks! That’s helpful. I will go have a look!

I used them almost my entire pregnancies. 4 of them. They make a difference! If it’s bad enough the naseau can break through but it helps keep that threshold back in a lot of cases. I bought some for my son, too. Seabands, or psi bands, work too.

I have heard good things about this on the Lines app as well. To clarify, you only need to wear one, not two, correct?

Yeah, just one! I’m pretty happy with it so far.

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I’m not a big fan of the moving pictures on their website. I got immediately dizzy by watching for 1/2 second. I would like to know how it goes for you, though. I’m highly interested.

I’m very interested in hearing your report in September! Thank you! I’ve used similar bands that haven’t helped in the past, but for more severe situations (boat trips), so maybe it’ll work on the ones that just make me a little queasy. Ginger doesn’t work, dramamine makes me sleepy (even the “non-drowsy”), so I’m desperate for something to help!

Bonine is my motion sickness drug of choice. I get seasick and can’t spin or do motion simulators but am able to do it all with very little queasiness taking the Bonine. Doesn’t knock me out and 2 in morning last all day.

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Just got back yesterday from our trip…relief band is amazing!! It was my first time using it and it was awesome. The only ride on my whole trip I felt sick/dizzy after was Forbidden Journey at IOA, but that ride is intense and I even closed my eyes! That band allowed me to ride everything else with my family at EP, MK and AK. I did turn it up to five sometimes, but most of the day and on the plane, I just kept it at a two and no issues. I wish I had it for my pregnancies, especially with my twins…I was so sick with them!


I don’t think anything could make me not ill after this ride. I got off it and was actually green. I kept my eyes closed for pretty much the entire ride.

First time I rode FJ I felt the same way! Took ages to recover! Next trip I took Bonine in the morning and it made a huge difference for me. Felt just a bit wonky when I got off, but a frozen butterbeer brought me back to life!

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Rather than do that, it would be better to instead focus your gaze elsewhere, like your hands/lap/restraints, etc. Something that is moving along with you. Closing your eyes CAN make things worse.

I don’t think even prescription strength Dramamine would’ve helped me on that one. I’m dizzy just thinking about it.

Yeah, no. There are too many things moving in too many directions on that ride that closing my eyes was the only thing I could do. Then at least I could only feel the motion of the seat part, instead of trying to make my eyes integrate all the movement coming from all sides. Any ride that’s at all 3D really screws with my inner ear/equilibrium, and FJ was the worst offender. Shudderrrr.

That’s the point, though. Focus on what is moving with you (part of your seat/body). While things will still be moving in your peripheral vision, it will blur more and your body will detect the motion better matching what you’re experiencing. Closing your eyes, however, gives you frame of reference at all!

Well, anyhow, you made it through. But in my experience, finding a focal point that matches your movement helps immensely more than closing eyes, which can sometimes exacerbate the problem.

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I wore two! Maybe the brands work differently, mine (psi bands and seabands) you line up a pressure point on your wrist under a button on the wrist band. One vs two made a big difference for me!

You wore two of the relief bands? I was looking to get one for someone I know. Are they $94 each?

No I wore two psi bands or two seabands. They sound like they are quite different!