Releasing BoG 12/3 for 2 @ 8:50pm

We’ve moved our BoG to another night so have an ADR for 2 on Wednesday 12/3 at 8:50PM. It’s kind of an odd time but should be ok for seeing wishes at 10 and they’ve recently added a 2nd MSEP for that night so you could catch that as well.

I need to release fairly soon so I can rebook a new dinner for us that night. If you want to try and coordinate please let me know. I’ll leave this up until later tonight.

@jtishere - Is this something you’d be interested in? @Disneyconsigliere I’m guess this won’t work for you. @MagicMN?

Thank you so much for thinking of us - but we will will be swinging our napkins over our heads over the at 8:30pm HDDR.

The better question, how did you find the other BOG dinner ressie night? You ADR master!

Someone posted on the open thread last week that a ton of BoG times had opened for November so I got an early one for our arrival day rather than braving DTD. I think it was @PianoMinnie maybe? I think we’ve decided to do Boma for dinner since we’ll be staying at AKL and this is a bit of an off day since we’ll just be spending some of the afternoon enjoying holidays around the world in EP.

We thought about HDDR, since we’re already having BOMA for breakfast that day, but our ADR’s are already out of control and the food budget is soaring lol. Plus it will be nice to spend a little down time at AKL exploring.

zebra domes…mmmmmmm…

I hear they are coffee flavored and i really hate coffee but I’m willing to give them a chance lol.

Just jumping in the thread…I have BoG for 2 on 12/1 at 7:10pm that I will probably be releasing too. We have Candlelight Processional package for that night and I don’t think it’s likely we make it to BoG by then, if at all. If anyone is interested in it, let me know.

Hey @Outer just saw this, thank you but no, we are going to stick with out split times on 12/6 and beg to be seated together :-). I keep trying to get them closer but no luck yet.