Relaxation Techniques

I just finished this Minnie apron as a gift for someone. Sewing is a good way for me to relax and ease stress. What do other Liners do to calm anxiety? Any other sewing Liners?


That’s gorgeous.

I spend some of my time reading the forums!! Or doing puzzles like Suguru.

And sorting through photos, but that is a loooong, slow process. I have what seems like a gazillion albums ready to be filled, but the packets are in such a guddle that it’s hard to make progress.


That is so cute! I love to sew. And scrapbook. I am still working on our 2015 trip home. I took thousands of photos! I think I may have a problem, ha ha. This visit (leaving Monday) I packed the big camera but also got some lenses to fit my phone.


I started out scrapbooking with all the papers and embellishments. Then I switched to digital and print at home, but the ink is so expensive now, I went back to the hand crafting…lol

That is beautiful!!! Great sewing!!!

I read and collect Wonder Woman comic books and sort them frequently. I love taking them out and looking at the covers and just rearranging them.

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Yep, another sewing liner here. Mostly quilts but I have made my family “matching” Disney bowling shirts. They really only match in that they are Disney fabrics. Everybody got one that represents them. My DIL and DGD even picked “Villians” as their team name for their summer bowling league and I made them team shirts. (If I can figure out how to do it, I will try to post a picture later. Pictures are on my phone and I’m on my tablet)

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