Reign of Kong underestimated wait times

I am working on my IA touring plan and deciding whether to get UExp so I have been following wait times, predicted and actual, over the last several days. The day we’re going is November 20th (crowd level 7 out of 10).

I’ve noticed that every day the peak wait time for Kong is predicted to be 25 minutes or so, but actual wait times are consistently peaking at over 70 minutes, with crowd levels at 5 out of 10.

These predicted wait times seem to be grossly underestimating the actual wait times. Touring plans generally recommend doing Kong after Hulk and Spiderman, but it appears that Kong should be the first ride after RD. Am I wrong?

Keep in mind Kong is new. TP’s wait times are based on historical reported wait times and they have very little to go on at the moment so it’s all guesstimates. New rides are always going to be more popular and a lot harder to predict the wait times on.

I see your point, but what’s interesting is that for Frozen Ever After, which opened only 3 weeks before Kong, the predicted wait times are much more realistic, with peak wait times estimated to be about an hour on a day with a crowd level of 5 out of 10.

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Guesses are bound to be right once in awhile lol. Attendance has been so up and down this year I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of expectations way off this fall.