Regular Magic Bands not Available?


It seems that currently on mydisneyexperiece only Magic bands + are available. We were just wanting to get the regular (old) ones since they are cheaper and we won’t have to charge them. Does anyone know if they are discontinued or if it is something that the resorts would have on hand once we get there? If so, can the resort link them to our account for us?

Thank you for your help!

I had been looking for a few months and the supply certainly did dwindle. There was a selection at Pin Traders at DS and at our resort, but they were mainly the ones I saw online a few months ago. I don’t think you’ll find many older styles since the new MagicBand+ is what is being pushed now.

Yeah, I saw the same. In February, there were still a decent supply of MB2 around in the shops… usually the limited edition/specialty ones. I just think there are not many “base” models being brought in…

OK thank you for your help. If we don’t order ahead of time and take our chances at the resort - what is the process for them linking them to our account?

You can just go right into the MDE app and click on the Hamburger Menu, scroll down to Magic Bands and more and Click Line Your MagicBand or Card.

I would imagine the front desk could also link them for you - though I’ve never tried that.

If I am a family of 4 - can I link it to my kids specifically etc where they do not have their own account?

That is disappointing. I didn’t think they’d phase out the MB2 so quickly, if in fact that is what they’re doing and not just having supply issues. I was able to order new MB2s for my kids in January. If you have time, I might wait and see if they get more or not.

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Yes, I did as well for my family. We are travelling with another family and they didn’t order yet so it is for them that I am asking these questions.

We are from Canada, so with the conversion it makes the magic band + especially not worth it. Hopefully there will be some available soon. We leave on March 24 - so they have until March 14 to order. So we will keep our eye open.

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Yes for any guests managed under your account

If you go to MDE, click on the menu and choose “Magic Bands and More”, you can manage bands and cards for all family members. To add a new band, you either tap it, scan it or type in the number found on the back of the MB.

I personally refuse to get MB+'s because they’re mostly pointless for us and an unecessary expense. I would’ve gotten new regular MB’s if they were available, but instead we brought old ones (3-4 years) that work fine for everything else than automatic ride photos.

If you/they don’t have bands at all and can’t find regular MB’s even at the resort, they can always get free keycards from hotels or guest services and use them for everything except automatic ride photos.

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I got tired of not finding MagicBand2s on ShopDisney and got relatively inexpensive ones off eBay (unused, unlinked) - they clearly were unpopular designs, but we’ll just put magicyourband wraps on them anyway.