Registration Question

My coworker is trying to register for a Run Disney event next February. She’s in the waiting room. Once she gets in, will she be able to register for multiple events at the same time? She’s in the waiting room for the 5K. Or will she have to get in another waiting room for the 10K and another for the Half?

I just finished mine. I was able to do 5 different registrations across the 5k, 10k and Challenge all at the same time.

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Thank you! She is still about 30 minutes out … hopefully, everything is still open when she gets in!

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I hope so!!! It was at least at lot smoother than Marathon registration day.


She was able to get registered for all three! She was shocked at getting an hour wait and needing to hop on right when registration open. As of now, I think the 5K and 10K are sold out! I told her this was smooth compared to some events. She is a Disney rookie.


You can do all of them at one time

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Yay!! So glad everything worked out for her. I was trying to prep my mom and sis this morning too for chaos during registration. So glad it went relatively smoothly.

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