Regarding tip amounts

How much should I plan to tip per adult TS meal if no extras are ordered? Per child? I typically tip 20%. Maybe a better questions is, on average, how much is a TS meal? Thanks!

TS prices vary greatly. You can see menus on this site, and check prices at the TS you plan to visit.

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18 - 20 on TS and 15 - 18 on buffet experiences may vary.

Here is a link to what we actually spent last month, if that helps…

Thank you all!

For TS dining, I’ve spent as little as $25 and as much as $150 (V&A is a different story) - it just depends on where you eat and what you eat. You really need to check the menus posted on line to get a better estimate.

As for tipping, all I’ll say is that the American “standard accepted” amount is 18-20% of the pre-tax amount. If on the dining plan, it should be calculated based on the menu prices of what you ordered; no difference between adult and child. It doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional table service or a buffet, it’s all the same. I’ve gone both above and below this “standard” for especially excellent or especially poor service, respectively. These are the “facts”; many people have opinions. Please, God, don’t let this tipping thread go the way of the last one…


Would you tip the CMs who work in the Club level lounges? Individually? Or leave something at the end of each visit to the Club lounge or each trip. You don’t pay them anything directly as the Club level cost is in your room rate, so …? Tip as you would a bell boy? Or a concierge? Or just the ones who do something ‘extra’ for you?

I’ve never stayed CL at WDW, so I’m not sure. When I’ve stayed CL at non-Disney hotels, there has always been a tip jar into which I have put a few dollars each time I used the lounge.

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@PrincipalTinker might know. Or @the.darlings.


There was an old blog post that said to tip concierge staff, but when i asked about it on chat the consensus was you do not. I never have tipped anyone other than mousekeeping (2 times a day at Poly and WL because they changed out everything during turn down) and bell services .


The first time we stayed in sugarloaf at GF (the outer building that’s club level) we tried to tip on our first day and he said he wasn’t allowed to accept tips. We didn’t try again, and in the visits where we have stayed club, I never saw anyone in the club lounge tip. Clubs we visited were Sugarloaf, Royal Palm in main GF, Contemporary and Beach club.


I should add we always tip housekeeping daily and bell services when they help with our baggage or deliveries.


Thank you for this.