Regarding the FoodSaver vacuum sealer

It was recently discussed about bringing the handheld FoodSaver vacuum sealer to WDW for preservation of Disney snacks, particularly Gideon’s

I finally took it out of the box to charge up and give it a test run (results to follow later). After all, I’m only 114 days away now.

I was already happy with the compact size of the box, but here is a picture of the unit itself, off the charger.

Yeah. It’s THAT small.


Oh! I am looking forward to a full review!


I am sharing this with a few of the liner ladies I travel with! They are going to love this idea. They always have a backpack full of Ziplock bags and sometimes little tupperware containers. Serious snackers and yum professionals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hubby is picking up “cookies that don’t last” today from a either B&N or Panera. Both kinds turn rock solid by next day. When they come home I will do up a couple in one of these vacuum sealers and report back, the first one tomorrow and then again in a week, to see how they hold up. I may, also, try one sealed and frozen to report back even further out.


Wow tasting all those potentially stale cookies…
Is there anything you won’t do for Liners?!?! Such bravery!


Rather taste more affordable priced stale cookies than $6ea cookies I went to the trouble of waiting for, packaging, and bringing home :joy:


This could be dangerous with my sister’s voodoo donut obsession.


How this is some real testing happening here!

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We have two of those at home. It never occurred to me to take one on vacation.

They don’t last forever because of the rechargeable batteries, so I wouldn’t give yours too much of a workout before the trip. We used them as a part of a DIY milking machine for our Nigerian Dwarf goats.



Now this sounds interesting


i like this experiment very much. this isn’t something i thought i’d ever need but the preservation of cookies (or other snacks) while traveling is enough to keep me coming back for the results.

thanks for testing this out (and fingers crossed no cookies go to waste). :cookie:

It was on sale when I bought it. $22 and the bags are like $8 for 16 of them

This sounds like the perfect way to save those “delicious” AP exclusive cookies from Dinoland USA!

More seriously…I admire how serious you are taking the preservation of your Disney snacks! But I am more interested in how it works for more day to day food stuffs.

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appreciate the info! hoping it works out for you!

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Actually the best way would be to take it on DINOSAUR (hypothetically, if allowed) and take it “back in time” to before it was stale.

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(I am super disappointed nobody has said it yet)

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Not sure I’ll
Use it that way.


(Well it would be a complete sentence if I hadn’t used an abbreviation, which now seems like it would’ve been easier/faster :roll_eyes:)

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So in theory, these goodies could be preserved and sent to the UK?
Asking for a friend :laughing:

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Although it’s more like, “Sorry dude but that IS what she said :woman_shrugging:t2: