Regarding the "35% attendance level cap" at WDW

Does anyone know how big of a crowd is 35% comparing to pre-Covid era?
My family have only been to WDW in late July-early August.
I wonder what the average attendance was during those time frame.
Someone please help!! TIA!

Disney doesn’t release what any parks max capacity really is, so it’s hard to say. I know @len and crew have estimates, but they’re not confirmed.
The stickler is that what a park felt like pre Covid is going to be different, even when amounts of people in the parks are the same. The socially distanced lines, the lower number of attractions open, the lack of Fast pass give people less options, so it seems like there’s more people. It can sometimes be deceptive. When we went in December, it felt like a decent about of people in the parks, but lines were often lower than the posted time. I’ve been hearing that’s not always true currently.


An average pre-pandemic day at the Magic Kingdom had around 59,000 people in the park. Today the max capacity is around 32,000 people. So the max capacity today is barely half of an average day pre-pandemic.

Does that help?


@len That figure definitely puts me in the right perceptive. If I may ask you another question, would you mind give me a figure of average attendance in July during pre-covid time, please?
Thank you very much for all the hardwork that you have put into Touringplans.


Thanks @yaya74!

The past couple of Julys were not as crowded as you might expect; I think the heat kept people away. My guess is that average MK attendance wasn’t more than 60, maybe 65,000 people?

For reference, New Year’s Eve, and other days when the MK closes due to capacity, is around 90,000 or 95,000 people.


I was watching a video from New Years day this year in MK and it looked about as busy as a regular weekend day in October or early November as far as the amount of people around (so moderate… there were definitely people in the park, but there was plenty of open space all around and it didn’t look like she was dodging people at all, even at places like the Hub), but I think the lines were short enough that the vlogger (I think it was Molly from allears… my roommate was just playing a nonstop stream on youtube and they’re all blending together) was able to ride quite a lot that day.