Refurbisment says "the future"

What does “the future” really mean under refurbisment?
Short or long?

Indiana Jones Adventure
Closed starting 11/27/23
Re-Opens the future


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I had to look around to see where you were getting that verbiage because it is not on the Disneyland website. I finally found it on the Touring Plans website.

I think this must be a placeholder term that Touring Plans uses when the reopening date is not known. I don’t know why they sometimes use “Unknown” and sometimes use “the future.”

Disney’s calendar only goes until November right now, so there is nothing beyond to compare to, and they have not made a specific announcement. I would bet that means the closure will be relatively short. That could be days or weeks, but probably not months.


Thank you. Yes I saw it on a Facebook group and see it is on here. We arrive Dec. 10th and the group is so hoping Indiana and Incredicoaster will be open. Scary wording.