Refurbishment schedule

Is there an official site that lists the maintenance schedule for 2016 yet? I have heard that BTMRR may be closed from April to July next year and was hoping that was wrong! We go in June and that is a favorite ride for my group…

I do not know about official, but here is this sites link, and they work hard to keep it up to date.

I looked the other day for a 2016 list and I found this in Grandpax’s links

I just looked at that, and I’m really annoyed! We went in late April this year, and BTMR was closed. We’ve booked for around the same time in 2016, and that Allears list shows BTMR closed AGAIN for us, 4/4/2016 - 7/15/2016. Ugh… bad luck.

It seems regular maintenance happens around the same time. Last year the train in the MK was not running while we were there and it’s the same time this year. I understand from a guest perspective that it should rotate so you do not hit it every year, but also understand from a companies perspective that it happens annually not randomly, but maybe every 11 months might suit better as it will make it a bit more random seeming. I don’t know.

Totally get that, but those annual scheduled refurbs are usually a few days, not 3 months!

Funny, I think it was open during my April trip this year ( I think I am positive I did it multiple times) but it will be closed on my next visit.

this last visit, it was closed April 27 to May 1, I believe.

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