Refurbished Little Mermaid Rooms

Which of the 3 buildings that hold the Little Mermaid standard rooms were refurbished? If all 3 have been done, did every room get refurbished?
I want to make a room request with a specific room number. I’ll be arriving March 28, 2020. Thanks!

I would like to know this as well!

I can’t speak to which rooms were done but in terms of what was done, I can tell you it’s barely perceptible. A friend showed me photos of her refurbished room and I had to ask what was different from my non-refurbished room. It was barely a refresh. Don’t expect monumental changes like at the All Stars or Pop.

I spoke to Guest Services by calling the resort directly and they said they don’t have that information. Not sure why they wouldn’t know the answer to this question. They said I can call back when I’m ten days out from arriving and ask to be put into a refurbished room.
My room request has already been made via I guess I’ll call the resort back later. But here’s hoping someone out there knows the answer!