Refurbed Rooms at WL

Apologies if this has already been posted. I love the refreshed rooms at WL!


I think they’re awful. A swing and a miss. (Look at me using sports metaphors.)

I much prefer the ones at the Grand Californian:



Well of course those are better. That’s the Grand Californian. :wink:

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WL seems to always get the short end of the stick when it comes to refurbs. The last few refurbs (poly, akl) have been really good, so I had hopes for WL.
There aren’t terrible, but… They’re just boring.

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To @Jeff_AZ: Agreed! Refreshed but still woodsy. Can’t wait until the trip after next when we can book regular WL instead of the DVC side.

To others who posted: Agreed. Sterile and bad use of outdated IP. Let’s all stay somewhere else… (was that believable?)


The Deluxe rooms look much better - not as tacky as the non-deluxe rooms. I don’t find the regular ones “sterile” at all - more, well, campy. But not in the wilderness sense of camp.


The only good part about those rooms is the CBJ picture. Gives me hope they stick around for a looooong time.

I really REALLY hope the BR refurb doesn’t go that way. It looks very Coronado Springs to me. Not very wilderness like at all.

I’m very happy with the refurb. Planning on staying there when I take YDS4 in a couple of years!

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