Refurb list

Methinks it needs some attention. It shows “no current or upcoming closures for Epcot” – a bunch of stuff just ended yesterday in prep for the massive construction about to take over.

When do we expect this to be updated @len ?


I just checked Disney’s refub information last night and didn’t find anything there either.

I guess not much has actually closed though. Not much that would be needed on a touring plan.

Club Cool is closed - temporarily
Starbucks is closed - again, temporarily ( not sure if that’s on the list of places to eat)
Character Spot has moved, some characters have moved semi-permanently / permanently, more changes to follow sometime
Art of Disney is closed and will re-open at the US pavilion sometime.
Colortopia is closed

There is a lot of work to come, a lot of temporary walls, changing routes. But for all that, not much is actually affected yet.
Looks like the demolition of Innoventions West is being done first.
Then maybe the redesign of Innoventions East will start.
Spaceship Earth closes towards the end of the year. That’s the only major closure.
The new Festival Centre is a major new build, but like the whole landscaping and fountains etc really won’t affect existing stuff, it’ll just mean whole swathes of FW will be blocked off.

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Has there been any talk when some will be completed? Not all but will some walls be down again by the Spring? Or is there no idea?

I haven’t heard much.

Things will happen in stages. For example, the reason for the walls around the north part of Innoventions East is because the breezeway is being removed. Then they’ll move the walls and do another bit. And so on.

SSE will take two years or so, so that will be walled off.

We should see the landscaping for the park entrance completed soon though! So it’ll look pretty, and you’ll still see the dome. :grin:

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Working on this now.