Refunds or Future Park Credits

I have a resort package at Cabana Bay but also Express Passes for several days and HHN for mid October. May need to cancel. Official policy is no refunds. Is this really the caseA?

Universal is not as accommodating as Walt Disney World. I tried to cancel, or at least postpone our day trip there recently, and was told no cancellations when I called.

They did say they might be able to switch us to a different day, but they don’t offer credit for the future like WDW does.

They were amazing during COVID times. I had a whole bunch of stuff booked, including APs and EPs, and they cancelled and refunded the whole lot.

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I’ve heard lots about them being willing to transfer dated HHN tickets, HHN express, and RIP tours to other days in the season if you call in advance but I’ve never seen a refund or a general future credit except in the case of international people during COVID travel restrictions.

That seems so bad from a PR perspective.

It would seem that way but apparently it’s not hurting them at all. They’re fully booked for whole weeks in September in October. Right now in the amusement world crappy guest service policies don’t really do much to affect people’s behavior. It seems like price is the only thing that’s really keeping anyone away right now, and even that effect is limited. Cedar Point almost killed someone last year, has 2 fewer coasters running, and also raised prices but they’ve still had more “at capacity” days this year then I remember ever happening in the past. Disney has had lots of headlines that made various groups angry this year, but they’re clearly not suffering. Six Flags, however, has had a big drop in attendance… it seems like generally junky parks and BIG rise in prices combined in a bad way for hem.

All you say is true, but it feels so short-sighted. Disney World et al are currently benefitting from huge pent-up demand and people awash with unspent holiday saving funds. But that’s all going to dry up real soon. People’s household economies are not looking good and they’re going to be tightening belts and making choices.

Right now, in part because of how they treated me during COVID times, I’m feeling super-loyal to Universal. Traditionally corporations crave that kind of thing.


Yes… there may be a rebound effect. At the moment though, they’re all (except Six Flags, apparently) dealing with near capacity crowds and I don’t think they really care. Make hay while the sun shines has kind of been a lot of people’s philosophy the last few years.

The really broad international travel restrictions also were a whole other animal, as far as cancellation flexibility goes. For one thing, that’s a really big segment for the Orlando parks… pissing all of you off would be a much bigger problem than the random individuals who got pregnant, or had something come up. For another thing, the no refunds policy has always been in effect for the general everyday stuff that causes people to cancel… if nothing else, refunding pretty much everyone who asked for it during COVID just showed them how much money there is to lose if you do that.

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